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    harpist123 on #222119

    I wonder if anyone else has encountered this: squeaky sound of clothing rubbing harp at shoulder. It doesn’t seem to matter what I wear…it happens. It’s okay if you are playing background music, as the environment is typically a bit noisy. But my home is SO quiet that it can literally drive me crazy! It is of no consequence as to the type of fabric. FYI: Happens with my Pratt Chamber Harp and my Triplett Eclipse…Thoughts???

    charles-nix on #222120

    In my industry, when we hear “squeak,” we think “stick-slip-stick-slip-stick-slip” happening very fast. I would try Johnson’s paste wax on that area of the wood, followed by buffing with a soft cloth. Do not get it near the levers nor near any brass parts. Some paste car waxes might also work, but they typically have a polishing agent, and often silicone. You don’t want those on your finish. Unless you are sure you’re getting only wax, I would stick with Johnson’s.

    No matter what, it won’t hurt anything to try.

    harpist123 on #222121

    YES, CHARLES! You got the “squeek” description exactly right! I will have to pick up some Johnson’s, as I don’t have any on hand, and will try it. Thank you for your quick reply!

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