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    unknown-user on #160550


    I just signed up today, and I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good harp center where I might go to see several types of lever harps.

    jennifer-buehler on #160551

    Where in Nebrask are you?

    rod-c on #160552


    I, too, am in Nebraska. Omaha here. I purchased a lever harp and later a pedal harp–both at Lyon Healy in Chicago. I do believe it is the closest dealer. It is well worth the trip. They also give tours of their factory….and it is neat to see the harps being made.

    As you may know, the flight to Chicago is only about an hour and sometimes SW Airlines has very cheap tickets. You can make the trip in a day. If you have a chance to go, I think you’d find it well worth your time.


    Rod C.

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #160553

    But Rod,

    richard-hagan on #160554

    Camac’s website includes a listing of all its dealers.

    richard-hagan on #160555

    I did not mean to slight Salvi Harps.

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