harp case in LA

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    Sarah Wachtel on #73509

    I want to ship my semi-grand pedal harp to chicago (I know, thats where it started) from LA, and I’m looking for a case.

    lisa-kikol on #73510

    check ebay — saw a harp harp case on there.

    Misty Harrison on #73511

    You can also see if you can borrow a case from another harpist in the area. I have done that several times when I needed to ship my harp to different places because I don’t own a case myself but I know a couple harpists who have a case that fits my harp.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #73512

    There is a company in LA that will make a case for you, and it should be a very safe design to use. I think they made one for Marcia Dickstein. It isolates the harp in foam, like a double-bass case does.

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