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    bob-miller on #150807

    will the honda element hold a concert grand?

    catherine-rogers on #150808

    Yes, one of my friends loads her concert grand in her Honda Element, but you must be careful how you do it. Of course, that’s true with any vehicle, but there isn’t all the extra room you get in, say, a 1977 mid-size Chevy wagon!

    barbara-low on #150809

    If you want to flat load, it depends on the concert grand and how much room you need for your driving safety and comfort. My Salvi Diana did not fit lying flat, but it did when column loaded. The top of the column does have to be lifted up onto cup holder platform between the two front seats.

    Sarah Crocker on #150810

    I have a Honda Element, and I absolutely love it. Although you have to lift it up over the cup holder a little, it is not difficult at all. My harp is very large, and it fits wonderfully. Minimal lifting is always a plus as well.

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