harp brought today!

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    unknown-user on #72546


    Dwyn . on #72547


    I’d suggest you contact Howard Bryan.

    jessica-wolff on #72548

    The value is not very much, sad to say, UNLESS it’s in good condition cosmetically or functionally. If you have one that looks good and plays well, you have something quite wonderful. I love them.

    Dwyn . on #72549

    Indeed, in terms of monetary value, it’s not likely to be worth much.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #72550

    If you are talking about actual children, I think these harps would be too fragile. I would suggest selling them to a restorer, or investing in restoration and then selling them, recover your money in any case, and get a couple of sturdy newer harps for your lucky, lucky grandkids.

    jessica-wolff on #72551

    Every time I cast eyes on the harmonic curve of my 1805/1807 single-action Erard, it lifts my heart. I wish I had those thousands of dollars. Then I go and play my elderly but playable old Troubadour, for which I have affection but not the love I have for the Erard..

    rod-anderson on #72552

    Which country are you in?

    Dwyn . on #72553

    What sort of condition is it in?

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