Harp, broken AC

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    Norah Calamy on #158966

    What can I do with my harp?

    The AC guys’ coming tomorrow, so I’m sleeping in the basement for the night. What should I do with the harp?

    kay-lister on #158967

    I would NOT hesitate to ask a neighbor if the harp could camp out at their house over night.

    barbara-brundage on #158968

    The harp will be absolutely fine. Just, you should pardon the expression, don’t sweat it.

    My harps have been through hurricanes including as long as 3 weeks of no AC and all that standing water evaporating all around with no problems other than a few broken strings.

    Pat Eisenberger on #158969

    What did harpists do in the centuries before AC?

    catherine-rogers on #158970

    Made do the best we could.

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