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    Brittany DeYoung

    Hi everyone!

    I love to read blogs as I am sure many others who read these forums do too.

    Misty Harrison

    Steve Moss and Peter Wiley have websites and blogs I think and a lot of harpists have blogs if you look at their websites. Some are really good


    Mine is:

    I basically made it to show my musical progression (once I actually GET my harp, haha) and to show other people what it is like to learn to play harp.

    Alissa W

    My blog is mostly personal, but from time to time I put up recordings of my progress on my 34 string Camac Hermine.

    Owosso Harpist

    Just created a harp blog about me and Gilligan and my efforts to buy and restore this Venus Classic Harp.

    Maria Myers


    This part

    Karen Johns

    Yeah, I just read that blog as well. Pretty nasty, and pretty ballsy to come back on this forum crowing about not only your harp blog but also your rented harp, which you are still requesting money for. Sheeesh….

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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