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    jody Disanza

    My daughter has a ravelle music stand and the rod snapped and I want to replace the brass rod rather than buy a new stand any advice?


    The artist bench is really so flimsy, isn’t it? I sit on one at the university where I take my lessons and it’s constantly requiring tightening of the nuts and wobbling all over the place, and it’s only 3 years old. Way overpriced for what they are selling.

    I can’t really recommend a “bench” per se as I don’t sit on a bench…..except a very expensive adjustable piano bench at our piano, but that thing weighs a ton. Therein lies the problem, I believe. The lighter-weight benches are so often not high quality, and the well-made, more expensive benches weigh so much. I love the Concert chair at the harp, but it’s something like $600. That isn’t going to happen here. I ended up getting two Adjustrite chairs from Sylvia Woods Harp Center. The price was right….they are adjustable and easy to transport, and I have one at both of my harps. It works wonderfully well and is a nice, black, smallish professional looking item. I need the back on there as when I am doing long practice sessions, it’s nice to lean back when I can (when I’m not playing of course) to rest a bit.



    > I want to replace the brass rod rather than buy a new stand any advice?

    Your best bet is to contact Lyon and Healy and see if you can buy just the part, then find someone local to do the replacement. However, they may not have them available anymore.

    jody Disanza

    Thanks you so much for the response I am going to research the chair you mentioned from Sylvia Woods.

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