Harp, belly dancer and fire juggler.

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    unknown-user on #111605

    Hey guys,

    Just been booked to play for a ladies 86th birthday party next week, of which I am the opening “act” and have must found out that the act following me is….a belly dancer. They would like me to play in her breaks, as they say, “it matches sooo well, doesn’t it?”

    unknown-user on #111606

    Lolita le Danseuse (Marcel Tournier)- challenging to say the least, but perfect.

    Harpo would stand, mimic the belly dancer, leer at her, then chase her offstage.

    unknown-user on #111607

    Hmmm. I could try that, where is that trench coat and car horn that I had lying about….

    There’s also a tune called Salomina, in Pathfinder for harp (Lawrence), that is kind of exotic and slinky…

    And I thought I better add (before any one gets upset with me) I have nothing against belly dancers…or fire jugglers…just can’t quite figure where I fit in. And this gurl is not a real traditional dancer, which

    catherine-rogers on #111608

    If you have a simple version of the Arab dance from the Nutcracker…

    john-strand on #111609

    Robert Maxwell’s arrangement of “Sheherezade” – I have it and could fax it to you although you are getting pretty close to “showtime” –

    Your description of the clients sets off warning bells – sounds like money up front and specific playtime in a signed contract would be a good idea – I had a prof once who was also quite the public speaker – he would arrive but not begin until he had been paid in full – he said that unlike selling a “thing” there was no way to “reposses” his time if he was

    catherine-rogers on #111610

    Sheherezade is a good suggestion, and Barbara Brundage has a great arrangement in one of her books. My book had two copies of the last page, so check that if you buy it. It confused me at first.

    andy-b on #111611

    It’s too bad you don’t already know belly dancing…you could do both and be Curly Wurly the Swirly Gurly! Maybe you need to drap a few scarves and bells around your attire to fit in the mood of the affair! (kidding, of course!)


    unknown-user on #111612

    After I stopped laughing, I had to de-lurk to answer this.

    unknown-user on #111613

    There’s actually a classic belly-dance song which would work great on the harp–but it doesn’t seem to have an official name!

    rod-anderson on #111614


    Not sure about the historical (hysterical?) accuracy of the event you describe, but I do like the sound of the “serving wenches in those bags with a spout”.

    rod-anderson on #111615


    You do seem to attract them!

    unknown-user on #111616

    Of course, you could always play “Air on a G String”…


    patricia-jaeger on #111617

    Hi Curly, In Nancy Gustavson’s small harp collection The Magic Road, is a wonderful mid-Eastern piece, Moorish Garden. It’s in English and Australian syllabi lists, intermediate level, and Susana Remenyi of Toronto recorded it on a LP I have, around 1968. Perfect

    unknown-user on #111618

    Hi Carolyn,

    Ha ha ha ha! Duelling dancers….owww that sounds like a worry, the upstaging male stripper. I would have beat a

    unknown-user on #111619

    Well, before you think my life more interesting than it is…. I do plenty of boring and/or ordinary gigs, but do not feel the need to gossip about it online. Try to only bring up the more interesting ones that

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