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    Alyson Webber on #190299

    Hi everyone! Here I am again. I seem to be popping up everywhere these days!

    I have a question about whether or not the harp body should be spaced evenly between your knees and angled to touch the right shoulder, or if it should be sticking out perpendicular to the body?

    I have been fiddling with my position to the harp (had a pedal for 6 months) and trying to find a happy medium between height of bench and distance to pedals. I am not short and currently find my right foot has to twist in slightly in order to rest on the E pedal as my knee is as far against the body as it will go. My harp teacher is significantly shorter than me, so I am encountering issues she hasn’t. If my bench goes up much higher, I lose leverage on the pedals and if it goes further back, I have too much weight from the instrument.

    Any tips appreciated!

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