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    unknown-user on #163444

    Hi, I’m not familiar with the harp repertoire but are

    unknown-user on #163445

    No harp and violin music???? You’re kidding… if you make your search engine work out a bit there are never ending catalogues of this… the harp only with flute????

    patricia-jaeger on #163446

    Miso, A list entitled “Music for Violin and Harp” was available at the Lyon and Healy Music Display, at the World Harp Congress recently. This trifold leaflet has lists of compositions by Brahms, Donizetti, Saint-Saens, Spohr, Tournier, etc, and is for harpists of advanced level. Much easier

    SEAN DUCHINSKY on #163447

    hello pippin:

    barbara-brundage on #163448

    Also, there’s not a thing in the world to keep you from playing harp and flute music. The bowings won’t be there, but that’s the major difference. And if you play the pedal harp, most violin/piano stuff is accessible, if not always idiomatic.

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