Harp and Viola Duets

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    william-nichols on #166041


    I was wondering. Are there any duets out there for harp and viola. I need one that is manageable, but not too easy. It can’t have too many sharps or flats because Im not planing on using my pedal harp for it, but it can have a few.

    Thank you for your help. Will.

    patricia-jaeger on #166042

    Will, Any viola and harp duets up through 1965 are listed in Margaret Farish’s book: String Music in Print, published by R.R.Bowker Company, New York. Large libraries would have this, and most music conservatories in the U.S. Only two duets are listed, however; one by Arnold Bax and one by Quincy Porter! However, in the same volume, eighteen pages of viola and piano

    patricia-jaeger on #166043

    Just remembered another good source of viola music of all kinds: The Viola, a Complete Guide for Teachers and Students, by Henry Barrett.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #166044

    Your best source is lyramusic.com. Just look through their strings and harp section. There are more than just those two works Pat mentions, though perhaps not a lot of easy ones. You can play the continuo part for many baroque pieces.

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