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    kirsten-osborne on #147684

    I am just wondering if anyone knows of some good music written for trumpet and harp? My husband is a trumpet player and we would love to play together more. The only music we have found is Damase Adage. Thanks!

    jennifer-buehler on #147685

    In Omaha we have a husband/wife team of symphony musicians who play trumpet and harp together.

    barbara-fackler on #147686

    Alishia Joubert used to work with a trumpet. You could contact her for advice too: http://www.alishiaharp.com/

    adam-b-harris on #147687


    Probably somebody is going to have a go at me for saying this, but have you looked at getting something like the Akai EWI. It is a midi breath controller that can run sound samples from a laptop computer. It has an option for it to be used with trumpet fingering. So you can play pretty much any sound from a software sampler or synthesizer with it. It comes with a sound library from Garritan with a few usuable sounds. US $299 or less if you shop around. Then you need a PC and probably an amplifier of some kind…..

    Just might broaden your options.

    cheers Adam

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