HARP and stairs

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    lisa-kikol on #146690

    I have been looking at condos lately and of course if the building doesnt have elevator — I dont even want to consider it.

    Jessica A on #146691

    There are harp dollies that roll up and down steps, not easy, but it works.

    lisa-kikol on #146692

    I never saw one of those dollies.

    You will laugh — but I remember being in middle school and moving my harp on a skateboard. Worked great except for turning

    Tacye on #146693

    I lived for a couple of years up a flight of stairs – managed fine with the 3 wheel trolley – several of my friends have lived higher.

    Fearghal McCartan on #146694

    I currently live in a 2nd story flat

    lisa-kikol on #146695

    After reading your message — I dont think I will ever complain again.

    sherry-lenox on #146696

    There is a great little design for moving a harp if two people are available in Carl Swanson’s harp care book.

    Although it does not address stairs directly, it might be possible to adapt it enough for some staircases.

    kent-vogel on #146697

    If you are a harpist, may I humbly suggest that you live on

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