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    Sophie Graf on #184282

    Does anyone know of good chamber repertoire that includes both harp and piano? (Can include other instruments as well.)

    paul-knoke on #184283

    Here’s a link to Ut Orpheus’s listing:
    Hope this helps!


    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #184305

    You can play Ravel’s Introduction et Allegro as a harp-and-piano duet, and Alice Giles did a wonderful recording with several interesting pieces on it. The Salzedo Sonata is a masterpiece, and the crowning jewel of that repertoire. It is very difficult, but not impossible, for the harp, anyway. It’s quite rewarding. I’m sure you’ll find more pieces in the catalogs. My program with piano was the Debussy Danses, the Salzedo Sonata, the Ravel, and the Berezowsky Concerto, with a few solos to open with.

    patricia-jaeger on #184325

    Sophie, since harp and piano have almost the same range of notes, and neither can sustain the sound as long as can a bowed instrument, an ideal combination in my view would be harp and cello, because the cello can sustain notes in the bass clef, so useful in this combination, and can also use pizzicato for added effect when desired.

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