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    maria-trevor on #188016

    Hi all, I was asked to play a piece for piano and harp in September. I would like to ask for some suggestions, since music for this combination is not easy to find. I would like the piece to be flashy, since we both do solos and just one piece together, but on the other hand not too difficult, since we are both engaged in other projects all summer. Perhaps even a piece for 2 harps in which one of the parts is playable on piano could work. Pedal harp, length 4-8 min. Thank you so much

    brian-noel on #188024


    Salzedo wrote a duet for piano and harp also

    Kristina Finch on #188036

    I believe the Grandjany “Aria in a Classic Style” could be done on Piano and is a lovely (not too hard) work!!

    Gretchen Cover on #188040

    I have heard Salzedo’s Sonata for Harp and Piano on http://www.soundcloud.com. I just stumbled upon a new May 2015 youtube clip of the sonata. Do a key word search “aura contemporary harp and piano duet” to find it. The piece is incredibly difficult. Bravo to the harpist and pianist performing!

    maria-trevor on #188042

    Thank you all so much for responding. I have listened to all and I really appreciate your suggestions, but I am still searching. I would like Romantic, modern, or even Celtic sounding piece. Short and fast and flashy with equal parts for both, harp and piano. And easy enough for us to learn our parts separately and then pull it off in 2 – 3 rehearsals. I am thinking I should really rather look into harp duets repertoire and go from there…there is probably more to choose from. Thank you!

    Gretchen Cover on #188048

    Maria, You are one of the first harpists to play Baroque Flamenco. Why not rearrange it for harp and piano? DHC encourages harpists to play the piece with other instruments and adapt BF to make it his/her own. Then you have flashy, the right time length and romantic:)

    Victoria on #188067

    I have done John Thomas’ Cambria with a pianist and it worked out quite well. Perhaps you could try that, or his harp duet on Subjects from Carmen

    Emily Granger on #188089

    Check out Duo Harpian! They have a fantastic album that was written up in Camac Harp’s blog. This might be a good place to get some ideas. http://www.harpblog.info/harpblog/2015/01/speaking-of-c%C3%A9line-gay-des-combess-work-in-geneva-c%C3%A9line-has-also-recently-brought-out-a-fine-recording-with-her-pianist.html

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