harp and harp!

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    Lydia Michel on #152178

    Hi everyone,

    luanne-oreilly on #152179

    Try Stephanie Curcio’s site: http://www.harpmusicpublisher.com

    She has a large variety of harp duos/trios for both pedal and lever harp, which include a multitude of her original compositions.

    jennifer-buehler on #152180

    I don’t know what’s out there for pedal harp but I know our duet really enjoys
    Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher’s arrangements.

    Lydia Michel on #152181

    Thanks for your responses, I’ll look into these. Primarily I’m looking for two pedal harp arrangements, although lever harp stuff can sound very beautiful on two harps. This is pretty much what I’ve used in the past (lever harp duets) on lever and pedal. Again, thanks for the replies!

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