Harp and Guitar Music?

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    unknown-user on #111340

    Does anyone have any leads on harp and classical/acoustic guitar music? I searched Harp.com with no luck.

    unknown-user on #111341

    Try other retailers.

    Susan Abken on #111343

    There is very little out there. Go talk to Sarah Jane Williams in Pennsylvania and ask her about her arrangements. They are all I’ve ever found, and I’m married to a classical and jazz guitarist!

    The two instruments seem to compete with each other more than they complement each other, but Williams’ Spanish music pieces work. Sorry I cannot mention them by name now, but contact her.

    liath-hollins on #111344

    As I’ve mentioned in another thread, our harp/classical guitar stuff is
    mostly improvised, as we’ve been unable to find any sheet music.
    However – I spotted something just the other day – Ial by Leroux
    Phillipe. I’ve no idea what the piece is like, but I might buy it just
    out of interest. Pilgrim Harps (UK) stock it, no idea about anywhere

    The piece is about half way down [url=http://www.pilgrimharps.co.uk/music/harpplus.htm]this page[/url]

    liath-hollins on #111345

    Ooops, sorry – the url tags don’t work on this forum, and I can’t work out how to edit a post! The link is:


    Hopefully that will work!

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