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    Jeffrey Baraglia-Palmer on #146352

    I am seeking advice. Does anyone have experience with battery powered amplification? If so, which do you find the best?

    unknown-user on #146353

    Carvin Stagemate – I have two of them, both with the available “effects” – they are extremely versatile with a four channel mixer for mikes or lines built in – the battery will last 3 hours on a charge or 1 1/2 if you add the extension speaker – I use separate bass and treble transducers in my harp and blend the sound through two of the channels – I’ve been using mine for over ten years regularly at both indoor and outdoor weddings and events – I have also found them to be very handy when playing in hotels, as I am often placed against a moveable wall in a ballroom where there is no power – also use it regularly at my restaurant job just to cover the area a little better –

    onita-sanders on #146354

    I happen to use the battery operated Hot Spot. Holds a charge for up to 8 hours. Has a spot for the cannon head (3 prong mike cord) as well as a 1/4in for transducer mikes. Has controls for high , medium, and low ranges. Have also used this as a selling point when doing outdoor weddings. Carry a mike stand for the minister and I use the 1/4in mike hook up for my self. Weighs about 10 pounds.

    Onita Sanders

    Jessica A on #146355

    A wireless mic will let you and the amp be separated by a lot of distance, when necessary.

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