harp after discectomy?

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    Kathi Hoffer on #157087

    Does anyone know if you can play a harp after a severe herniated disc post surgery? Can you play after a discectomy?

    Tacye on #157088

    My harp playing posture rests the harp entirely on my knees, and not the shoulder, so if you can sit up straight and hold your arms out I assume you can play the harp.

    kay-lister on #157089


    If you get that balance point, the harp and your body should just meet each other and there is no weight to deal with.

    lisa-green on #157090

    Hi Kathy. I had a discectomy years before I started studying the harp, but I just wanted to tell you that I had a full recovery and have never had trouble with my lower back relating to harp playing. You should be fine.


    David Ice on #157091

    I’ve had a discectomy (L3) and also now a double fusion…L3-L4 and L4-5.

    I have had to make some adjustments to playing.

    Kathi Hoffer on #157092

    Thank you. I answered but I think I erased it. The chair makes perfect sense . I actually thought about taking my harp to PT to work on body mechanics.
    Thanks for the advise. It really helps.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #157093

    You should take the harp to PT, or to an Alexander person.

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