Harmonics in Sleeping Beauty Suite

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    Jennifer Yoneji on #149584

    Could someone please tell me how to play the harmonics in the last 4 measures of Introduction. La Fee des Lilas in the Sleeping Beauty Suite? I don’t know how to play the g harmonic in the right hand when there is a b above it that is also supposed to be played.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #149585

    I don’t think anyone can.

    Jennifer Yoneji on #149586

    So, do I just play the 2 harmonics and forget about the b? Why does a composer write music like this?

    unknown-user on #149587


    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #149588

    Yes, that’s what I do, though you could go a step further and do it as enharmonics (Fb, Ab, Cb). Composers don’t know that we can only do double harmonics in our left hand. Just because something’s written in the treble clef, does not mean you have to play it in the right hand. For example, I frequently take the bottom note of a chord in the treble clef with my left hand thumb, if it makes a smoother transition or an easier jump.

    unknown-user on #149589

    The enharmonics are a great idea, thanks for the tip!

    Jennifer Yoneji on #149590

    Thank you very much for your comments. I’ll give the suggestions a try. It’s so nice to have on-line assistance.

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