Hannah Lash, Harpist and Composer

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    Julietta Anne Rabens on #186617

    For anyone who hasn’t heard of Hannah Lash, I just wanted to mention she is a composer who is also a harpist. She is a composition professor at Yale, and she just finished composing a harp concerto. I have one of her solo harp pieces that I haven’t had a chance to learn yet, but I’m really excited about it. From what I’ve seen of her music, I suspect a lot of harpists would really love it. She cares a great deal about meaning in music and she makes natural use of the instrument. I have some brief interaction with her on Facebook and am really happy to learn about her and her work.

    MusikFind1 on #186620

    Hannah Lash (1981 – )

    Pub: EAMDC. NYC https://www.eamdc.com/
    Rental contact: doriana.molla@eamdc.com

    [Some works list for sale on Special Order]
    (Harp Concerto not yet listed)

    Stalk — for solo harp, 2008, Hannah Lash, Harp
    [sound bite on website]
    for solo harp 12.95 €
    World Premiere
    September 29, 2008, American Modern Ensemble, the Times Center, Jacquiline Kerrod
    Press Quote:
    “…appealing…florid and introspective…”–Bruce Hodges
    Filigree in Textile (2011) 17′
    for harp and string quartet (commissioned by the Fromm Music Foundation for the JACK Quartet and Yolanda Kondonassis)
    World Premiere
    October 16, 2011, Miller Theatre, Columbia University, the JACK Quartet and Yolanda Kondondassis
    Press Quote:
    “…lively and interesting, with rapid major-to-minor shifts, creating a wonderful restlessness.” –Neil Prufer, I Care if You Listen
    Folksongs I
    Folksongs II
    Folksongs III
    Folksongs IV
    for flute, percussion, and harp (commissioned by Ralph Kaminsky and Hester Diamond for the MAYA Trio)
    World Premiere
    March 25th, Symphony Space, NY, NY, MAYA Trio
    Press Quote:
    “…an appealing set…” –Allan Kozinn, NYTimes
    Moth Sketches (2013) 14′
    for piccolo, trumpet, perc., harp, three violins, viola, cello, bass
    World Premiere
    October 3, 2013, Yale School of Music, Yale Philharmonia
    Three Shades Without Angles (2013) 8′
    for flute, viola, and harp (commissioned by the Boston Symphony Orchestra)
    World Premiere
    Febrary 9, 2014, Jordan Hall, Boston, MA, BSO Chamber Players

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