Hammered dulcimers

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    kryptoleadonium on #252398

    Just saw Songbird on dickinsondulcimer.com. I rented a Russell Cook model from Denver Folklore and have been trying it out. I noticed that it’s in a way like a lever harp: good for sharp keys, but maybe not fully chromatic.

    randal on #252414

    There are chromatic HDs too.

    kryptoleadonium on #252415

    So I’ve read. I haven’t even decided whether I want to pursue the HD and already the mission creep has started…Someone listed his used Masterworks Ultralight (it looks like) on Craig’s List: $1500. That’s the price of a new one, and while I’m not in a hurry to spend that much, it’s not out of the question. The real question is: how well do HDs age? I believe his is 20 years old.

    randal on #252416

    Answer: very well. There’s little that can fail on a HD except some top sagging – by virtue of being under tension of the strings/bridges. But even this affects neither tone nor playability. It’s the kind of thing that you strap to a horse/keep in a rustic cabin at a lumber camp (why one of its nicknames is “lumberjack piano”).

    Given that the builder did an adequate job, it’ll last as long as the glue holds..

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