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    adam-b-harris on #148955

    I’ve been asked if I can play a couple of “gypsy tunes” for a wedding. It was put to me as a request rather than a demand and I’d like to try and help out if I possibly can. However, its not a genre that I’ve explored on the harp or any instrument. Does anybody here know of something that may translate? I’m sure that “gypsy tunes” is a pretty wide classification as gypsies could come from, well anywhere I suppose.

    tony-morosco on #148956

    Indeed. If you ever get the chance to see the film Lacho Drom do so. The film makers went all around the world filming Gypsies from all over making music. While there is definitely a common thread that goes though all the music, in general each group of Gypsies’ music had clear regional sounds. Indian, Arabic, Eastern European, etc…

    I think when most people in the West talk about Gypsy music they are talking about some form of Eastern European music. The group Golden Bough does some stuff that could be classified as Gypsy sounding, and Margie Butler does some nice stuff with some of it on harp as part of the group. You may want to check out some of their recordings for ideas.

    jessica-wolff on #148957

    There are or were recordings of Theodore Bikel and Yul Brynner doing Russian Gypsy music, and I’ve heard of a whole tribe of Gypsies that specializes in the harp. Just how authentic do you think these people are asking for?

    Tacye on #148958

    There is also the Welsh Gypsy harp music as played by Robin Huw Bowen.

    adam-b-harris on #148959

    Thanks everybody for your replies so far. Its given me a start. The father of the bride is an accomplished violinist that likes this sort of thing, so I assumed we are looking at eastern european here. I’ve heard some of those fiddle guys and doubt that my technique is up to it but was hoping to find a couple of “standards” that I can misinterpret.

    Sarah Mullen on #148960

    Very often when people say Gypsy music they mean anything in a Eastern European or Middle Eastern mode.

    jessica-wolff on #148961

    That sounds about right. Especially Klezmer. i have seen some of this music in print, not arranged for harp of course. Well, some Sephardic songs, yes, arranged by Sunita Staneslow; but I wouldn’t say those sound especially “Gypsy.”

    adam-b-harris on #148962

    Thanks Sarah. I hadn’t considered looking at some klezmer tunes, I’ve got some of that somewhere…..

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