Gut Harp Strings

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    kent-vogel on #147147

    Might anyone have an at least first rate way to buy and store natural gut harp strings,… the storage life, how to protect them, and the length of their useful life span in storage. Ti Tussen Tak!

    Sylvia Clark on #147148

    I’ve always kept mine in ziploc bags.

    tony-morosco on #147149

    Keep them in their individual plastic, zip lock bags they typically come in. Store them in a dark place. Preferably one that is reasonably climate controlled (not too hot, not too humid, etc…).

    That’s about the best you can do. They will last a fairly long time, and if you use them to restring your harp every year or two and then replace them you should never have a problem. Stored like this they should easily last two years in storage and two years on the harp if you are a non-professional who practices an hour or two a day.

    If you are a pro who performs frequently and practices

    Sylvia Clark on #147150

    Sorry, I wasn’t clear.

    patricia-jaeger on #147151

    As Sylvia does in the above post, I find storing replacement harp strings by octaves in larger ziploc bags suits my needs, and then the whole lot in one even larger transparent bag, along with a small ziploc of string anchors, and a very tiny scissors. All of this is stored inside

    kent-vogel on #147152

    A quick reply,…May God bless you all for helping! When I studied with the late Francis Miller at the University of Minnesota, in those days,

    sidney-butler on #147153

    I thought I’d add to this question as it relates to gut string longevity.

    patricia-jaeger on #147154

    Sidney, the climate where Vanderbilt is located (Bloomington, Indiana) may be similar to yours, but the gut strings, I have read, come from Australia where the company made a contact with a firm supplying stringing for tennis racquets.

    sidney-butler on #147155

    Do you mean Vanderbilt gut?

    anita-burroughs-price on #147156

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