Guinness World's Largest Harp lost in fire-Need Appraisal for Insurance

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    roark-barron on #186947

    In 1982, I built a Giant WindHarp, based upon my Model 17, Lyon-Healy Harp I had at that time. Only it was about 2 1/2 times larger, or 14 feet tall. As an after thought it was submitted to Guinness Records, and from 1984-89 it was in the book with its own picture.

    Two weeks ago, it burned up in a house/workshop fire, here in Santa FE, NM. I had some homeowners insurance, and hopefully the loss will be covered somewhat by that, however, finding the value of a unique instrument like that is difficult. If anyone who is reading this has any ideas, or suggestions of who might give an appropriate appraisal for artistic value, and what it would cost to recreate it in today’s world, Please contact me. I am Roark Barron, you can call me at 1 [800] BUD-HARP, or email me at I would be happy to pay someone with experience in harp building, who could write up a fairly detailed estimate that I could submit to the Insurance Company.

    I have loads of pictures, and measurements. It was at a sculpture gallery in 1982, with a price of $20,000. It would make a big difference in receiving the appropriate settlement for such a special, one of a kind instrument that cannot be easily replaced.

    Thank you for you interest.

    Best to all, in all ways now, Roark Barron Santa Fe, NM

    Allison Stevick on #186952

    Sorry to hear about your loss. I would suggest contacting Glenn Hill at Mountain Glen Harps.

    He does all kinds of custom work, and I would think he could help make an estimate (he actually installed his own giant harp sculpture at the Guinness brewery in Dublin just yesterday).

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