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    Gretchen Cover on #185326

    My new year’s resolution was to get rid of old harp strings and unused music books. I donated them to harpist Patrice Fisher, founder of the Guatemala Harp Teaching Program and a member of AHS. I hope to encourage other harpists to support this worthy project. There are now 25 Guatemalan students learning harp because of her efforts. Patrice found a harp maker who in the past 12 years has built 50 harps. 8 harps have been donated by US and Canadian harpists. These students have almost no books to learn music and must learn music by ear.

    Some background: In 2001 the only harp teacher in Guatamala died, leaving behind 3 students. Patrice’s husband is from Guatamala so she stepped in to offer a harp workshop. 18 students attended. Since then she has taught there several times a year and by Skype. Patrice has now trained 3 teachers. This country would have no harp if it were not for Patrice.

    If you have harp strings, unwanted music or anything useful for students, please contact Patrice via her website

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