Grand Harpsicle review anyone?

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    karen-agabin on #157319

    I am contemplating on getting a Grand Harpsicle with truitt levers.

    Has anyone had experience with this harp? Any reviews?

    jessica-wolff on #157320

    As your only or main harp?

    karen-agabin on #157321

    Well, it will be my 6th harp. Have two 36’s, one 29, one 26 and one 22. Different makers from Thormahlen, Blevins, Dusty Strings and Stoney End. All celtic.

    deb-l on #157322

    I love truitt levers, they look terrific, very solid but not big and heavy looking.

    holly-kemble on #157323

    Hi Karen~

    I live about 30 minutes from Harps on Main where Mr. Rees has his shop and store. And I own a

    jessica-wolff on #157324

    I thought it had 33 strings.

    holly-kemble on #157325

    Jessica, you are right…my error!

    I was thinking that since the low string is the C two octaves below middle C, that it was 36 strings.

    That low C is more important (to me) than haveing the high A, B, and C, which I would not miss much.

    jessica-wolff on #157326

    That’s what I have, 33 strings, and I don’t miss having extra strings at the top of the range.

    unknown-user on #157327

    Grammy winning harpist Marta Cook has completed two European concert tours using the Grand Harpsicle exclusively. She would surely be a good source of information.

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