Grading College Harp Students

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    paula-haffner on #82960

    I have recently started teaching harp at the university level.

    kreig-kitts on #82961

    Are these students studying harp towards a career playing it, or is it as an elective for non-majors?

    paula-haffner on #82962

    They are all music majors. One is performance, and the rest are music education who want to teach harp in the future.

    elinor-niemisto on #82963

    I teach in a small liberal arts college with a strong music program.

    Dwyn . on #82964

    Keep in mind the realities of modern grade inflation and the impact that less-than-A grades could have on a student’s future, non-harp pursuits, and even on near-term harp pursuits.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #82965

    There are often juries. For them, I think the student needs to have something freshly learned, a short piece that they can perform, and demonstrate clear progress on big pieces. I think progress should be graded, not only results, reaching the goal. But talent should also be part of the picture. An untalented student who works hard should probably not be graded well above a gifted student who does well, but perhaps may seem to work less hard. Because an artistic student will likely spend more time thinking and exploring than doing rote practicing.

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