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    Where could I find a graded sequence of difficulty for composers such as Grandjany, Hasselmans, and so on? I’m interested in the order in which a typical student would learn particular works for each composer. Thanks!


    Lyon & Healy once published a booklet on using the troubador harp and one of its strong points was a graded list of repertoire. Many French editions have a grading number on the edition, found on the back cover where they list titles. However, each student seems to be a bit different, so it’s not like baking a cake. It’s very hard to grade pieces.


    There are a number of grading lists out there. Someplace I’ve got several of them. But I agree with Saul. When I looked over those lists I felt that many of the pieces were in the wrong place. So if you find such a list, take it as a general idea of what the level of each piece is and be prepared to move some things around to suit your particular technical level. Any piece is difficult if you don’t have the technical underpinnings required to play it. So what is difficult for one student at a particular level will not be as difficult for another.



    10 Ans avec la Harpe

    edited by Cite de la Musique < Paris

    There is a very long list of technical, solo and ensemble works

    for each grade of difficulty.

    Look at

    ande search Documentation & Publications


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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