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    Louis Venus on #165978


    Can anyone advise me of a nice grade 6 study please
    I have the list but there is nothing on Youtube I can listen to and the pieces are all in different books
    Any help much appreciated

    patricia-jaeger on #165979

    I don’t have the ABRSM course list, but I do have the 2011 Manual of Syllabuses published by the Australian Music Examinations Board Ltd. The Harp Grade 6 Studies might be somewhat similar; you could even ask if they would be allowed. Besides several

    Louis Venus on #165980

    Many thanks Patricia, this is Emily’s mum, I am just going to get a cup of tea and start ploughing through all your info you sent! A lovely lady at Pilgrim harps UK said the Pozolli Grade 6 study was nice aswel
    Thanks again

    Tacye on #165981

    I have the Pozolli and Dizi.

    Gianna Williams on #165982

    I’m also studying for ABRSM and could do with points on how fast scales have to be played! I’m studying from abroad and both me and my teacher are unsure how fast they need to be. Can anyone give me a clue? The ABRSM book doesn’t give any indication of a minimum speed. Many thanks!

    Gianna Williams on #165983

    Forgot to say, Grade six!

    patricia-jaeger on #165984

    Gianna, ABRSM Publishes a leaflet online called “These Music Exams”.On page 31 it gives the minimum Grade 6 speeds for scales (half-note equals MM seventy-six) and arpeggios and broken chords (half-note equals MM 50) for piano. No listing is given for harp. In the free

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