Good, short Harp/flute Duos?

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    unknown-user on #167938


    In the summer, i am going to gbyso camp- and when i get there, on
    eof the thing’s well be doing is chamber music- and we can opick our
    groups prior to going there- and i met a flutist last year at NEC
    and she says we could do a duet. Do any of you guys in here know a
    nice, short Flute/harp duo/ duet?

    Thanks so much!!!

    unknown-user on #167939

    for an idea of what level I’m at I just finished Haenel’s Passacaille and Pescetti’s Sonata in C minor, and am working on Mozart’s Flute and Harp concerto.

    unknown-user on #167940

    Have a look at the Persichetti Serenade for Flute and Harp. It’s a lot of fun and should be technically within reach. Good luck.

    Tacye on #167941

    The Chopin variations on Rossini for flute and piano are great to
    add to a programme- the piano/harp part is really really easy
    while the flute has a harder time for once!

    unknown-user on #167942

    Carl Nielsen: The Fog is Lifting, Op. 41 is a very nice and very short piece.

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #167943

    There is a lovely Sonata in E flat major by JS Bach for flute and piano
    (harpsichord?) accompaniment. The middle movement works perfectly for
    harp, and the rest of the piece works well with some little adaptations.

    unknown-user on #167944

    there’s a flute/harp duo by Donizetti. It’s a sonata in 2
    movements. One can aslo play it harp/violin as i did with my
    sister. It’s very easy, but sounds great! very nice melodies!
    OR from the carmen suite the entr’acte (i think that’s what it is) for
    flute and harp. (the well known melodie, soft, slow, major….) i
    played it with my sister and it sounds gorgeous. this ones not
    quite so easy but if you’re a quick learner than that’s a pretty good
    choice too!
    once i find the rest of the music I might list them up! I’ve played
    quite a lot with my sister…oh and what is for violin and piano
    might work with harp and flute…the Thais mediation. watch out
    for tricky pedal changes though.
    hope this has helped!

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