Good Bye Dear Mr Boris Tischenko

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    mr-s on #148970

    Mr Tischenko died yesterday evening by cancer he was born in (1939) my freind a russian harpist told me that and i got so shocked and so sad, i know him very well as he is the Husband of my great harp prof Irina Donskaia, i used to have sometimes my harp lessons at their house in Saint petersburg and you cant imagine how much kind hearted and Modest is that great composer

    Sherj DeSantis on #148971


    zoraida-avila on #148972

    Sochuvstvuiu! Ochen’ pechal’no…. Obnimaiu tebia.

    mr-s on #148973

    Zora Sposibo, also i heard today that a freind of mine and a graduate of Irina Donskaia class died a few weeks a go ( Lubov Vasilieva) a young good and beautiful harpist.

    kay-lister on #148974

    Mr. S.

    So sorry for your loss!


    jessica-wolff on #148975

    This is sad news.

    mr-s on #148976

    yes really its a sad news at the end of 2010.

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