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    dawn-penland on #161242

    What is the best thing to do for a glissando blister?

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #161243

    I left mine alone, and after a few days I could play without pain….it went flat. After a couple of weeks, I just used an emory and filed it off the fingertip… was all dried.

    Sid Humphreys on #161244

    Yeah, don’t mess with it, you’ll need that calous if you keep doing glissandos. If you like, look in to getting some felt picks for practice while it heals a bit.

    unknown-user on #161245

    Hi Dawn – I’m also practicing glissandi and have a blister on my second finger (right hand)… Somewhere on this site there was a thread which give me the advice to go to a local health / organic / homeopathic store and get a “tincture of myrrh”.. I tried it – and it works for me! I put a few drops on my finger at night – and the next day I can play again… Helps to sooth the blister and form a nice callous.. The guy at the store told me that it is what guitar players use … For a really bad blister – I’ve also had success with “new skin” – that you get in the band-aid section of any drug store… But i only use that before the blister really appears – in other words – when it hasn’t “popped up”… Only when I feel a really nasty one coming… Hope any of this will help you! From one sore finger to another – Cheers!! William

    Audrey Nickel on #161246

    My daughter came up here, saw the title of this thread, and said “I guess that would be a “glisster.” 😉


    lily-reagan on #161247


    At my audition for Eastman, I was play a piece that was a page full of glisses. I acquired a blister about twenty minutes before my audition. Since I was used to just water blisters, I just punctured it, and but some tape over it. After a couple minutes of playing, it all was fine.

    You could just drain it, and get it over with…

    brian-noel on #161248

    Pop it, sterilize it, put some NuSkin on it, and be careful in the future.

    dawn-penland on #161249

    My blister is all healed up now.

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