Glinka and three against two…Help!

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    alexander-rider on #167882

    I love the Glinka nocturne, and I have recently started learning the
    piece; it sounds so lovely on an old harp like mine. But the cross
    rythms are really killing me! i don’t know why I’m finding it so
    incredibly difficult! Tips anyone?
    cheers biscottis!

    Tacye on #167883

    That is a lovely piece.

    carl-swanson on #167884

    Hey Alexander- 2 against 3 is easier than 3 against 4!

    unknown-user on #167885

    Three against two sounds like “Run, Tommy run.”

    unknown-user on #167886

    Yes, I had the same trouble the louis sphor fantasie! there literally page after page of 2 against 3.

    Ill never forget a sonata by chopin i played on the piano a few years back, there were full pages of 7 against 6! what a nightmare!


    anita-burroughs-price on #167887

    I like the “Run, Tommy run” idea. My colleague used “Not diff-i-cult.”
    I am a realist: I use “I hate this piece.” (Maybe switch to “I love this piece” after the counting gets easier. It’s gotten me through many years of teaching and performing.

    Good luck, my friend. You can do it!

    Anita Burroughs-Price

    alexander-rider on #167888

    Bonsoir! Thanks so much peeps, all the tips were tres helpful! I’m making progress already, it’s a piece I really enjoy playing! here’s hoping I don’t encounter any of these fabled 3 against 4 (or…what was it?…6 against 7 ?!!) before I get over 3/2!

    unknown-user on #167889

    I like the “run tommy run thing.”

    unknown-user on #167890

    Hi Alexander! When I first was learning 2 againist 3 I hated it- but now I don’t even
    blink when I see it! I had alot of help from my dad who was a music theory major and
    learned it with my brother who had to learn it for a Bach Concerto on the piano. Try
    playing it as scales such as c-d-e in the left hand as

    carl-swanson on #167891

    I’m amazed that so many people have trouble with 2 against 3!

    alexander-rider on #167892

    yah! After playing two miserable bars of three against four I can’t believe how easy three against two is now….

    Kelly R on #167893

    I absolutely love this song too!

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