Ginastera Harp Concerto

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    Catherine Ashley on #185110

    Does anyone know if there is an edition of the Ginastera that has pedal suggestions in it? I have the Boosey & Hawkes edition which has almost no markings.

    I’m learning the third movement and am still at the stage of working out the pedalling (after the cadenza). There are just so many passages that I’m sure I need 4 feet for, not to mention ambiguity over tonalities for some of the fast glisses. I’m working through the score and just as I feel I’m out of the woods I get to another “I have to do what?!?” section!

    Is B&H the only edition, and if so, are there enharmonic tricks I’m just not seeing, or do I really need to grow 2 more legs!

    Thanks in advance for any advice 🙂

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #185125

    There is no other edition. You may consult harpists who have experience performing and teaching the piece.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #185126

    The way the part is written apparently reflects the way Nicanor Zabaleta played the piece. It is not necessarily the best way. Try copying out passages and redistributing the notes and see what ways might make more sense. It will help you learn the piece.

    MusikFind1 on #185146

    The catalog of corrections for the score and parts. (usually 20 items per page). [OLD, manuscript Boosey rental parts]

    Boosey may have re-engraved the rental set by now.

    Ask a MOLA librarian for access to these lists.
    Solo harp part not proofed to the Full Score and original manuscript but should be.

    Composer Ginastera, Alberto
    Work Concerto for Harp, op. 25 [Florida]
    Publisher Boosey & Hawkes
    Compiled by Florida (Frederickson)
    Pages 31
    Notes 10 p. of errata forms by Ella Frederickson (Florida), dated 8/97, with corrections for strings. Corrections made to Boosey set #835-G. Scanned as: Ginastera.ConcertoHarp.str.pdf

    21 p. of errata forms by Ella Frederickson (Florida), dated 8/97, with corrections for winds, brass and percussion. Note on page one reads “Additions to Phila errata list included”. Scanned as: Ginastera.ConcertoHarp.wnds.pdf
    22 p. of errata form corrections by Nancy Bradburd (Philadelphia), dated 10/90. Note reads: proofed set 835 H, Boosey score 20231. The scanned errata has notations and additions from Ella Frederickson.
    1 p. errata form by Greg Vaught (San Antonio), dated 3/1/91, with note “additions to NB errata.”

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