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    Dorian Llywelyn on #150345

    Several months ago – unless I’m dreaming – there was a post about seating for gigs, with a link to a website which had drum seats with back support. I’ve searched the Professional Harpists and Harps and Accessories forums, but cannot find the original reference.

    I have an old spine injury which makes a back support necessary. At home I use a wonderful Concert Design harp/cello stool with back support, which allows me to sit high and is very kind on the lower spine. However, It is too heavy to take on gigs. Concert Design have a light weight version I’m thinking of buying. However the drum seat I saw on the website that I’m trying to find was demountable and looked easy to carry to gigs. I’d like to make a comparison before buying,

    Can anyone help me with this? Thanks.

    paul-wren on #150346

    Dorian, check out the Tama Ergo Riders. Very comfortable and they also have a back support that you can buy. The back support fits all Ergo Riders.


    paul-wren on #150347

    I should also add that there are different styles of Ergo Riders, and some are much less than the 741. Also, some go lower than others. If you are interested in getting one of these, make sure it can go low enough for you. I’m quite tall, so that was one thing I really looked for.

    Dorian Llywelyn on #150348

    Thanks Paul – I really appreciate the recommendation.

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