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    missy lannon

    i just began taking lessons in january and i have an awesome teacher.


    As a teacher there isn’t a nicer thing than a heartfelt note expressing your appreciation for her efforts.

    A gift certificate in any denomination is a thoughtful gift. I always remember what I’ve bought with student gift certificates.


    I always appreciate a note or drawing.


    If she doesn’t already have one, the brightly colored tuning keys from Lyon and Healy make fun gifts.


    Yep, I agree with Sherry. A nice card with a hand written message, saying how much you appreciate her help. That is something that she would keep for years. And if you make things, do embroidery, pottery, paint, draw or whatever…that is also special as it is something that will always remind her of you!

    I just know that they are the things that I cherish most. I have an old fashioned card from a student with a lovely poem inside (I think Emily Dickenson) with a really lovely note that I just love. I also have a hand made mug, quite rough and not that slick, but I really love it. And also a have a nicely framed photo of me teaching a student, that a husband took one christmas – with a really sweet thankyou message on the bottom. And a cushion that a student embroidered for me, with a harp and a lion on it (celtic pattern) and she loved celtic things…really sweet of her to do all that work.

    Hope these ideas help.


    missy lannon

    thanks for the great ideas.

    Jerusha Amado

    Try this address:

    missy lannon

    thank you, jer!


    If you find it appropriate, a gift certificate for a deep tissue massage with a card saying “after all of your harp lugging” was the best gift that I ever received

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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