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    elisa-thorn on #147047

    I’ve been arranging some old jazz standards – and I’m curious about how I would go about getting something like that published? I have no idea where I’d even have to start.

    helen-rudd on #147048

    Vanderbilt publishes you could try contacting them to see if they would be interested. You could also self-pub a la Angi Bemiss, she appears to have been very successful at it.

    barbara-brundage on #147049

    Yes, but if you opt to self-publish, you will have to pay a largish sum up front for the permissions on copyrighted music, since they don’t like writing contracts for a small number of copies.

    This is where you start researching the copyright holder:

    And be aware there are two different kinds of permissions:

    1. Permission to arrange–this is ONLY legal permission to alter an arrangement for your own performance, not to publish print copies of that arrangement.

    2. Print permission as a work for hire. That’s what you will need.

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