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    dancingpiper on #256316

    I am considering replacing my wee 22-string harp for a 26-string lap harp. My instructor has one to sell and I trust her judgement on it’s quality. My main concern is that this harp’s highest string is a C while my current lap harp as well as larger harp both have top strings of G. I’m sure this will throw me off visually for a while. I am still quite a beginner so am wondering if this is something I can anticipate adjusting to with practice. What are your suggestions? Thanks!!

    charles-nix on #256317

    You’ll adjust. People change harps–it never took me long to adjust.

    If you intend to keep playing both harps, you may have more difficulty, especially if the octave distance (string spacing) is different, or the distance and height of the harp away from your body are different–at least that is where I have the most trouble.

    But changing from one to another only took me a couple of weeks to adapt and feel comfortable.

    Biagio on #256319

    The spacing should be more of an issue if it is different, assuming that your teacher has taught you the concept of an “anchor finger.” If not…the idea is that your hands have been trained to accurate placement after placing the first finger so you really only look at that first string. As Charles wrote, finding that first string visually should come quickly.

    Best wishes,

    balfour-knight on #256320

    Hello Dancingpiper and my friends!

    If you own more than one harp, chances are that they are different, particularly a pedal harp and a lever harp. My lever harp has 36 strings, C to C, whereas my pedal harp has 47 strings, C to G. I go from one to the other effortlessly, being very used to both of them. I think you will, too, if you choose to keep your first harp along with your second one.

    Happy Harping, everyone!

    dancingpiper on #256364

    Thanks, all, for your kind advice!! I haven’t tried the new harp yet but will move forward with more confidence. Thanks!!

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