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    jeanne-koehler on #162020

    Hi Everyone, I have finally acquired a nice little reportoire under my belt and am eager to start gigging.

    Karen Johns on #162021

    First of all, get some nice professional business cards made up. Then, check out events in your local community. The historical society and chamber of commerce

    Rachel on #162022

    I find that businesses especially are using the internet to find performers, and so are brides and other event planners.

    jeanne-koehler on #162023

    Thanks for the advice. Another question:

    Karen Johns on #162024

    Depends on your experience level, in my opinion. Also on what kind of venue you are playing. For a wedding I charge upwards of $200 for my services, depending on whether I’m using songs already in my repertoire or have to learn something special for the dedication. I consider myself a intermediate player according to the level I can play efficiently in sheet music (as labeled). For non-profit organizations that are free to the public, I usually donate my services, but I limit the amount of these types of engagements, and make sure the organization knows how much of a value they are getting in my donation. For non-profits that have events that charge admission, I ask for a percentage (usually 20%) of the house take. It really depends on what you are comfortable asking. One thing I can tell you is that donating my services helped open up avenues-paying it forward works in my experience. But, alternatively, those strings on your harp don’t pay for themselves, so you need to balance freebies with paid gigs. I usually commit to only a couple freebies a year, just for PR reasons.



    unknown-user on #162025

    Oh, perfect! if you’ve played for free at weddings before, you can go back and ask the brides if any of them priced anyone out before asking you!

    Also, are you in a small rural town or a large city? I’ll bet that some of the professional folks on the boards can help you with more info.

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