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    unknown-user on #167746

    I’m looking for a regular, weekly (or something) gig. How do I go
    about getting one? I live in a beachy, tourist-y town (1.5 hours
    outside the city). Where are good places to look?

    unknown-user on #167747

    Restaurants that have more than 40 tables, and physical space for a harpist to set up. They’ll never take out a table for a musician. A prosperous church, or large resort.

    unknown-user on #167748

    my daughter found a regular gig at a tea room type restaurant They have a dozen tables and are happy to remove one to fit the harp and harpist.Look for upscale places that are looking for soft background music.One other thought,listen to their recorded music and if they include harp music in their selections, there is a good chance that they would go for the real thing.

    Jennifer Ellis on #167749

    Definately approach stores like tea houses and hotels with a portfolio with PR pictures and a resume/bio.

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