Getting levers replaced

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    Sarah Crocker on #69813

    I have a wonderful lever harp from the maker Hallelujah Harps, but I am still trying to track down if this maker still exists. It seems to be somewhat of a mystery.

    I am needing to get my levers replaced on my lever harp, and I am hoping that someone could suggest a reputable technician that is located somewhere in the Southeast (I am in Alabama). I will also be in Utah this summer, so suggestions of technicians in that area would be great as well!

    Also, I am trying to decide between Camac and Truitt levers. So any information on this would be helpful too.

    Thanks so much,


    hannah-roberts on #69814

    Hi Sarah,
    Why don’t you call the Atlanta Harp Center and ask them? That’s the Southeast go-to for harps. They should be able to advise you and they may well have a list of techs in your area.

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