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    euterpe on #251829

    Hi everyone,
    I’m a keen pedal harpist, just out of school, and I would really like to use my harping abilities to make some money. Although I’m not going on to study music at university, I am looking to start playing at weddings and other events. However, I have absolutely no idea where to start. I’m looking for advice on what/how much repertoire is the best and most appropriate, how to make myself known and the etiquette of performing (in the background..) as a paid musician. Everyone here seems really friendly, so any advice, or your own stories of how you got into playing at events, would be very helpful and much appreciated.
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    alyson-webber on #251846

    I would get in touch with local swanky venues or places with a Sunday Brunch and see if you can play (I give a steep discount for regular work).

    Most people compliment me on the songs they know. Standards, pop songs, folk tunes… I’d focus on romantic ones to begin with as you can double those for wedding songs.

    euterpe on #251862

    Thanks Alyson! There’s a few hotels and things near me which I could get in touch with. Do you have any recommendations of a book of easy pop music?

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