Get a money as a harpist in small town?

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    unknown-user on #167213


    As a young harpist whose level is in intermediate, I had a lot of
    jobs in harp performance. And sometimes I got a salary. I am happy,
    cause I can pay my school or my harp course by myself. My parents
    are not a rich people. So… to keep my live in harp, I realy need
    my salary.

    Most of my jobs are held in city, and I live in suburbs. And the
    problem is…lately…I can not go to city regulary. Because there
    is something happend in my family, and I can not tell you. So… I
    can not get money to pay my harp course. I wonder if I can do
    something from my suburbs to get a money. I am thingking how about
    teaching harp. But I don`t know how to start. Because I am not sure
    with my community ( they chose metal, rock, than classic harp ),
    although it is a good idea, I guest.

    Do you have any idea? I need your advise…


    Jennifer Ellis on #167214

    Try seeking jobs at everything from local hotels to restaurants to coffee houses to department stores to bookshops.

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