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    Anyone ever use this for anxiety prior to a performance?


    Hi all,

    To my understanding, homeopathy has insufficient support, by way of real evidence.


    Homeopathy is not exactly based on herbs. You are taking a distillation or reduction of an infused solution that is reduced sometimes 100,000 times. Is there any kind of imprint of the original left? On the other hand, arnica gel is accepted in hospitals, I hear, though it may work differently.

    I did try some remedy that sort of worked, but also made me burp. Anyway, if you are serious about homeopathy, then you need to consult with a professional homeopathist, who will diagnose what you need and give you the proper dosing. An over-the-counter remedy will not be just what you need,


    A cocktail, on the other hand, is sure to mess up the performance, even if you don’t care anymore.


    Well, I tried the Gelsemium and I am sold.


    Kay do you just buy this in a health food store as Gelsenium?

    For the first 50 or so years of my life I had NO anxiety about performing in public. Now all of a sudden I’m really really having problems. I tried Bach’s Rescue Remedy the last time I played in public and it either didn’t help at all or I was such a mess that it felt like it wasn’t helping but I would have been even worse if I hadn’t taken it.


    Hi Sherry,

    Yes – just go to your local health food store and as them for Gelsemium.


    To what extent are your nerves? Crippling and knee buckling? Mild? Or something in between? You mentioned- “my heart picks up a bit”, I’d say that was fairly normal before a performance. I always get a few butterflies and raised heart-rate (adrenaline can be a good thing!), but I find that being a little anxious and excited helps me perform better.
    If I didn’t feel anything, I might take it as a sign of apathy…

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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