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    unknown-user on #168173

    Some may think that this is a waste of a question but I am too
    extatic to not let you guys on the forum know- I just got a letter
    in the mail a matter of minutes ago. I had auditioned for GBYSO in
    May- and the letter said that I have a secured spot in the Junior
    Repetory Orchestra and they want me to be an alternate in the
    Repetory and Senior (PROFESSIONAL!!) orchestras. I cant wait to
    start in the fall. I feel like parading the neighborhood yelling
    out “I GOT INTO GBYSO!!! LA LA LA LA LA LA!” I fell so perky right
    now- wish me luck!

    unknown-user on #168174

    Uh oh- sorry, I accidently made it post twice because I confirmed it then had to edit in that I am 13- sorry, guys!

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