Gas Situation Alert

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    brenda-lee on #162508
    Hi Everyone~ Is anyone as concerned as I am about finding gas on the way up to Asheville, NC for the Southeastern Harp Weekend?
    Calista Anne Koch on #162509

    There is a shortage here in Macon too, but they say it gets much worse once you hit “south Atl” – my sister found gas yesterday (in Atl), but

    brenda-lee on #162510

    Thank you~that’s a good suggestion.

    Denise Lockamy on #162511

    Athens is getting better, as far as finding stations that have gas. Prices are still around $4 a gallon.

    unknown-user on #162512

    I just called a friend of mine who lives in (downtown) Asheville – and he said that the situation has improved greatly. You now should be able to find gas at most stations… There may be the “odd” one that doesn’t have gas – but if you go to the next – you should be ok… Just wanted to share this with you as I was concerned as well (and I’m only 2 1/2 hours away from Asheville…) Kind regards William

    brenda-lee on #162513

    Oh, thank you, William.

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