Für Elise – played by our 8 years old son…

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    avdhoeven on #193177

    Today it is about exactly 2 years ago that our son started playing the harp with his teacher Ghislaine Voorrecht in the Netherlands. What a great teacher! Now two years farther he will get next friday his new Merlin harp where we are looking forward at with great pleasure. This is the piece he’s working on now, Für Elise by Beethoven.

    We can almost start a chamber orchestra now, my eldest son on harp, our second son on violin, my wife on organ and me on the flute. 🙂 What a pleasure to have so much music in the house…

    susan-ash on #193390

    How wonderful….to have a family making music together! Your son will truly enjoy the Merlin harp. I’ve had one for several years, and it is still a joy to play. The beautiful lower octaves make it a delight!
    Your son is on his way….thanks for allowing us to listen!

    avdhoeven on #193498

    The merlin arrived 🙂

    Andelin on #193706

    Aww, what a sweet boy and a beautiful harp. 🙂

    I have a son about your son’s age who plays violin. I wish he enjoyed playing with me as much as I enjoy playing with him. 🙂 I accompany him on piano more than harp. He knows mostly old time fiddle tunes, which don’t go so well with the harp. Sometime I hope we can find something to play together at church.

    If you ever make a video of your family playing together, please post it. I would love to see it.

    Janis Cortese on #193739

    What a charming video! I have to admit that the first thing that struck me was that that boy has a really good sense of rhythm, though. I mean, the whole thing sounded great, but his sense of rhythm and phrasing is incredibly mature and very well evolved, and at such a young age. He has a great road ahead.

    avdhoeven on #193828


    It’s kinda strange. He knew when he was 4 years old already that he wanted to play harp. Somehow he never left the idea and only 2 months after he started with lessons (when he was 6) he was playing the Brian Boru March. He really likes it and we try to stimulate it in the best way. We’ll see where he will come. The most important thing is that he keeps enjoying it.

    balfour-knight on #193905

    Thanks so much for posting this! I, too, love when a family enjoys making music together. My wife and I are blessed with two cousins “sons to us” who are professional musicians, and we enjoy doing concerts together as well as just “jamming” around the house. We wish Davy all the best with his harp studies, and know he has a wonderful future ahead!

    Best wishes,
    Balfour (and Carol Lynn)

    avdhoeven on #193915

    Thanks! I’m sure we will have a lot of fun in the future playing together. We already started with some great flute-harp pieces…

    avdhoeven on #193943

    Here is the same piece on his new Merlin harp. What a difference in sound!

    balfour-knight on #193949

    Thanks for posting Davy playing his beautiful new Merlin harp! I am not familiar with these harps, but in appearance and depth of tone, it resembles my new Dusty Strings FH36S in cherry. Davy looks like he loves his new harp, and you all can look forward to harp and flute duets or harp and violin, two of my favorite instruments to play the harp with! I am also a concert organist, and have even played organ with a few harpists over the years, even though the organ can easily overpower the harp in the wrong hands, ha, ha! With the proper registration, harp and organ can be a beautiful combination, so we wish you the very best in your music-making.

    Cheers to all of you,
    Balfour (and Carol Lynn)

    avdhoeven on #193952

    Thanks! I’m sure it will be fun playing together…

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