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    Stephanie Bennett

    I just stumbled across this site that has a lot of free sheet music and a few beginning theory lessons: Of course, it’s not HARP music, but much of the classical and folk music could easily be adapted. And there are some fun ear training gadgets (under the ‘extras’ tab). Students who enjoy computer might get some use out of these. And there is an online metronome, handy for the youngsters starting music lessons who don’t have a metronome but have a laptop or have their harp close to their computer.
    Beware, though, SOME of the free sheet music uploaded by members is done really badly (wrong rhythms, wrong number of beats per bar, etc.) also has theory lessons and eartraining gadgets.


    Stephanie, I really like Philip Johnston’s books and his Web site:


    Rosalind, try It looks like you can order from there.


    Thanks a lot for mentioning this website, it looks really useful.

    I use as a metronome. It can be customized as much as you like – number of beats (also ‘odd’ numbers likt 86 or so), accents, beats per cycle etc. The only disadvantage is that it sometimes ‘hiccups’ which can be disastrous when you’re playing to it.
    Keeping the settings as simple as possible helps, as well as having only one browser window open and no additional online clients (FTP, IM) running.

    (I’m not a harp teacher but perhaps this might be useful…)



    Kelly L

    Thank you so much for your post.
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    I need beginner piano stuff, and we no longer have a music store in which to browse. Anything online that you know of as good?


    Saul, take a look at I think they are located in Ithaca, NY.


    That store closed, sold to another owner who has the shop only in the suburbs, and I never got my stock back. They said it was never unpacked, but I don’t believe them. Whatever you had with them is probably a loss. They still have the same name. I tried to order something through them and they never followed through.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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